The conference was a great success! See the Bulletin Board discussion for feedback on the meeting, see pictures of the participants, and the conference archive.

Conference in Celebration of Smith College Alumnae Mathematicians

In Memory of Ellen Borie '66 and Laura Mayer '79

April 21-22, 2001

Smith College Department of Mathematics

Northampton, Massachusetts

Organizers: Debra Boutin (Hamilton College), Karen Collins (Wesleyan University), and Ellen Gethner (University of British Columbia)

Invited Speakers

Marjorie Batchelor: University of Cambridge,

Victoria Booth: New Jersey Institute of Technology,

Edith Borie: Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe,

Debra Boutin: Hamilton College,

Priscilla Bremser: Middlebury College,

Agnes Hui Chan: Northeastern University,

Jane Purcell Coffee: College of Staten Island,

Karen Collins: Wesleyan University,

Gwynneth Hardesty Coogan, University of Wisconsin,

Susan D'Agostino: Dartmouth College,

Julie Glass: Cal State Hayward,

Evelyn Boyd Granville: Cal State Los Angeles,

Nancy King Harrison: Mercy College,

Mako Haruta: University of Hartford,

Joan Hutchinson: Macalester College,

Kira Hylton: Keene State College,

Diane Jamrog,: Rice University,

Erika Cox King: Vanderbilt University,

Joan Wick Pelletier: York University,

Colleen Robles: University of British Columbia and University of Houston,

Margo Schaefer: College of William and Mary,

Katherine St. John: Lehman College and University of Texas.

Panelists on Careers in Computer Science

Susan Epstein: Hunter College/Graduate School of CUNY,

Helene Steinman Kulsrud: CCR/Princeton,

Barbara Boothman Pfarr: NASA,

Martha Steenstrup: BBM Technologies,

Stacia Wyman: University of Texas.